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With the CryoLuxury® cold treatment, working for 3 minutes at the unbelievable temperature of around -180°, you can achieve wellness throughout the body thanks to the vasoconstriction effects.

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CryoLuxury® is the leading brand for technology and support in luxury wellness

The cryosauna (or cold sauna) is the treatment that allows to rediscover well-being, fitness and good mood, exploiting the hidden potential of extremely low temperatures, which oscillate between -130° and -180°. The exposure to such extreme temperatures is able to stimulate the body by creating extraordinary benefits.

Big brands in the Italian and international luxury sector such as the Darsena del Sale in Cervia and many celebrities in their beauty routine have chosen CryoLuxury®.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy or cold treatment has ancient origins.

The idea of using cold for its beneficial effects in relieving pain, treating some ailments and improving physical and mental well-being has been practiced for a long time, in particular with ice therapy and immersion in cold water.

Cryosauna allows you to reach temperatures that cannot be reached in nature, through the use of cabins in which nitrogen is released in a gaseous state. The cold generated in the cabin is very dry, allowing the body to tolerate exposure to extremely low temperatures (between -130° and -180° C) for a short period of time (maximum three minutes). When our body is subjected to such temperatures it puts in place defenses based on vasoconstriction with the consequent decrease in body temperature.

In the hours following the treatment, an effect of hyperemia (increased blood flow) four times higher than normal is generated, which favors the elimination of toxins, preventing inflammation and avoiding chronicization processes. Furthermore, the increase in blood flow throughout the body promotes the transport of oxygen, nutrients and endorphins.

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How does it work?

After entering the CryoLuxury® cryosauna, the subject is lifted from the mobile floor according to their height, in order to have their head completely outside the cabin (excellent solution for those who suffer from claustrophobia).

During session, they are invited to wear underwear, as well as a pair of protective shoes and gloves to protect feet and hands.

When the skin temperature reaches these low temperatures, even for just a few moments, the skin’s cold receptors send a signal to the brain indicating the temperature surge.

Consequently, the brain forwards a series of inputs to the body to counteract the action of cold, activating a series of beneficial physiological responses.

The blood is pumped to the central areas of the body to protect vital organs and at the same time, serotonin and the hormone ACTH (pain and inflammation inhibitor) are released.

The blood full of oxygen and enzymes goes to supply the peripheral tissues of the body, the blood vessels dilate and the blood flow carries away with it the toxins. The increase in microcirculation promotes cell regeneration by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen.

At the end of the treatment, the benefits are preserved and you are going to feel a sense of full relief and wellness.

Deluxe Features

Luxury finishes

Lifting platform

Touch digital display

Cooling grid

Sectors of application

Cryosauna is a valuable tool not only for those who practice physical activity

Strong points CRYOlife

Italian in style and technology

CryoLuxury® is the flagship series for the cold well-being, created thanks to the technological and entrepreneurial partnership of Cryosystem Engineering (an italian company that has been working at the highest international levels in the refrigeration sector for almost 40 years) and IceTechonology (an Italian innovative company that works for development) .

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